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If you are inquiring or have questions about a puppy from me, PLEASE, review all the links on the NURSERY page FIRST. I get 20+ emails a day and 10+ calls asking the same questions repeatedly. I have taken a huge amount of time to write a lot of information about how I raise and place my pups, and how to go about getting one. IF you feel you do not have the time to review all this, then you probably do not have the time for a Border Collie! 


I am often very busy with my dogs and pups, 6am to 10pm daily. Training, grooming, cleaning, puppy care, clients and dog shows take a lot of my time! Please kindly be patient with me while I am potentially busy raising your future puppy! This sometimes causes a delay in my ability to respond.

​I am more than happy to answer further questions, and happily take calls as well. I love to "talk dogs"!

Hang tight, I will be in touch soon!



As a Breeder you can not succeed alone. We must work together as a team with other breeders to improve and maintain the breed. We need to share lines, dogs, and opinions... and once in a while a bottle of wine whilst we look over pedigree after pedigree and give each other constructive critisism so that we can all breed the best we can. Below is a list of some of my breeder friends around the globe, in alphabetical order.

Ballyann Border Collies (Australia)
Bamave Border Collies (Mexico)
Bryning Border Collies (UK)

Cunning Rheagal Border Collies (Brazil)
Emerald Border Collies (USA)

Dreambell Border Collies (Canada)
Heronwood Border Collies (USA)

Kenoma Border Collies (Canada)
Macnallem Border Collies (Australia)

Modenkind Border Collies (USA)
Noblestarzz Border Collies (Australia)
​Passion Border Collies (Canada)
Poindexter Border Collies (USA)
Rigel Border Collies (USA)
Shepstone Border Collies (USA)
​Stoneriver Border Collies (USA)
Stonewood Border Collies (USA)

Springsunset Border Collies (Columbia)
Tullaview Border Collies (Australia)
Qeltynn Border Collies (Australia)
Vallnery Border Collies (Canada)

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