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Our Home

Located in Charing Cross, Ontario, Canada which is five minutes from Chatham-Kent, one hr from London, ON, and one hr from Detroit, MI USA. Our litters are all born and raised in our home and live under foot. You can read more about how our pups are raised on our Puppy Information Page! Our dogs have a 60' X 40' kennel building that is both heated and air-conditioned. Half is done with a marble printed epoxy floor which is easy to sterilize and the other is poured concrete with drains with individual indoor and outdoor runs, as well as four large play areas. We have a full grooming salon on site equipped with a raised stainless tub, high velocity dryers and top quality shampoos. We also own our own ultrasound machine (PetTech Solutions), our own progesterone machine and have the ability to do in house fecals as well as collect and chill semen from our stud dogs. We use the Ship Mate shipping system for all chilled collections and can ship chilled semen from our stud dogs all over the world this way! We also have a top reproductive vet within two hours away for those requesting frozen semen.

Here at our home we have purebred ducks, the breeds that we have chosen were chosen specifically for their ability to make good herding animals. We run Rowens for the youngsters whilst Indian Runners provide the dogs with a little bit of a challenge as do Kyugens which are a little more aggressive. We have a full trial sized duck arena to work our dogs, set up for all CKC levels. We feel that a perfect dog has titles at both ends of it's name and have enjoyed herding over the years. After a recent move which took me away from my herding trainer we decided that getting ducks would be a great way to still be able to work our dogs and earn herding titles on them. We don't always have the time to trial due to the fact that I am an all-breed conformation handler and have to work most weekends, but we still feel that giving our dogs a way to do what they were bred to do is important.

We also have agility equipment onsite and a little agility yard with everything except contact obstacles which we are hoping to include this coming year.  We aim to make a barn hunt arena here as well.

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