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My name is Laura... I am a Border Collie addict...Yep, I said it!

I listened to all my Fathers stories about his childhood Border Collies my whole life. I wanted a Border Collie for a long time and watched videos of them at shows and trials endlessly, my favourite game was not was dog shows...but no matter how much I begged and promised to do all the house chores forever and ever Mother always said 'NO'.


My Father apparently disagreed... in 1996 I got my first Border Collie from my Father as a gift for my Birthday. It was behind my Mothers back! He told me to stay home from school that day, I figured it was okay since it was my Birthday. He took me to the Breeders to get my puppy, my sister ended up home and along she came too, "it isn't fair that Laura gets a dog and to stay home!", and somehow in that whole debacle I ended up with my Border Collie after sister ended up wth one poor Mother!!! I named him 'Comet', for the perfect spot on the top of his head and because he ran as fast as a Comet...he also had zero recall, but that is a story for another time! *LOL*


Sidenote:  I never recommend that anyone ever do this when getting a puppy, we certainly learned the hard way!

My Mother being a Montessori school teacher felt that these new furry family members deserved as good an education as possible. She signed us up for every possible dog obedience class offered in our area. My obedience trainer at the time suggested that I get into dog shows, and she created a monster! I did well at my first show and was ultimately hooked and bound to a life with these little furry half dog and half human beings, known on this planet as 'Border Collies', and unlike any other breed in the world!


Whilst my first few Border Collies were from mediocre quality working lines, they taught me so much about the breed, training, why you should never buy two pups at once, and how good Breeders don't agree to that. They taught me what I did and didn't want to produce when I finally did start to breed. I made all my training mistakes on them and learned the hard way repeatedly with little guidance at the time. This is when I learned that a super good mentor who has been in the game for 20+ years is an absolute necessity if you ever want to properly breed and show dogs. 

Luckily between 2000-2009 I had the pleasure of showing dozens of dogs to their championships as well as helping to whelp many litters, while working at a Great Pyrenees kennel (Pendouglas). I learned about line breeding, genetics, pedigrees, consistency within lines, health testing, how traits are passed on and why you should breed to the pedigree more than to the dog. 


In 2004 my foundation bitch was born,  Follyhill Felicity Bellaclan 'Felicity'. In 2008 the first Bellaclan litter was bred from her. This litter of five was sired by GCH Avatars Boomer of Bayshore, who is a litter brother to BISS CH Bayshore's Under My Spell, son of MBIS MBISS CH Borderfame Spellbound, and within this litter we got, Australian/Canadian/American CH Bellaclan Casanova's Magic CGC NA NAJ RN RA JD HIT, and his sister CH Bellaclan Midnight Magic (Dam of Grand CH Bellaclan Midnight Sorceress - BOW 2019 US National Specialty). This litter set the foundation of what Bellaclan is today. In the subsequent 12 years I have bred over 30 champion Border Collies who live with their owners all across the globe!

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