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Border Collie Dog/Puppy Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Please ensure that you are ready for a dog NOW, and have reviewed all of the information on the Puppy Information page, along with our Contract and Reservation Agreement, PRIOR to filling out this application.
Many times we will request references unrelated to you, please have two references ready for us to contact. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a dog from us OR have a parent willing to sign the contract on your behalf.

Do you agree to take two full sets of obedience classes before your dog is 1 year of age? One under 6 months and another after 6 months of age, and with a reputable trainer (NOT PetSmart)?
Will someone be home full time with the puppy?
When you are travelling in the car, how will the dog be travlling?
Do you have a fenced in back yard?
If this dog is going to be a pet, and not a showdog, do you agree to spay/neuter between 12 and 18 months of age?
If you are aware that a Border Collie needs regular brushing and bathing at least 1X per month?
If you are unable or unwilling to groom your dog regularly do you agree that you will hire a groomer to properly maintain the coat?
I have reviewed, understand, and agree to the sales contract outlining the term of sale.
Are you ready for a dog now?
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