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Shopping List

Below are things I have personally used many times and have tried and tested over the years. I am a person who rather buy a quality item once vs lower quality item that needs fixing or replacing.

Before you get a puppy:

I highly suggest you purchase and watch the Puppy Culture series, specifically the video about "Attention is the Mother of all Behaviours".  I also suggest that you sign up for Madcap University which is taught by the makers of Puppy Culture as well, there is lots of free puppy training information and available courses to purchase there too. Follow the link below to purchase Puppy Culture. We also VERY VERY highly recommend reading the book "When Pigs Fly!", it is very good!

Toys and Chews:

My favourite toys for Border Collie are tough, last a long time, are hard for the dog to destroy and also provide enrichment (mental stimulation), I often try to feed my dog their meals from their toys instead of from a bowl! 


My favourite chews are safe and last a long time. I always buy chews that are big (bigger than you think you need) to ensure that they can not swallow any part of it and that it will last longer.

Daily Care:

I always suggest making your dogs meals interactive and enriching. Dogs are foragers and love to forage and hunt for their meals. We really need to give our dogs more challenges through out the day to keep them busy and give them something to do. I highly suggest feeding from Fun Feeder bowls or the West Paw Zogoflex toy etc. It gives your dog a life!

We always crate our dogs when we are not home to watch them and suggest a wire kennel in your home and a airline shipping kennel for in the car as it will protect your dog in the case of an accident. Make sure to properly fasten the kennel into your car! If you can not get a kennel into your car a proper dog seatbelt will do too.

I suggest a biothane leash and collar because they can be bleached a sterilized without loosing colour, they are waterproof and don't pick up smells yet are soft in the hand. They will last a long long time. I DO NOT ever suggest training or walking a dog in a harness nor a head harness/halti type harness, not only are they dangerous to the dogs neck and ability to muscle up and move properly but they do not actually train the dog.


It is extremely important to teach your puppy to tolerate grooming from a very young age even if they don't need a bath a practise bath and a groom is always a good idea. The products below are things I used daily while I owned a grooming salon for 8 years and on my own show dogs.


like to make my own training treats by boiling and then baking various meats for a couple of hours on low heat. I then cut them up into strips and freeze them for the future. My favourites are chicken weiners, beef liver, beef heart, steak, roast beef, pork sirloin (remove the fat), and also use cheddar cheese sliced into pea sized treats. However, I try to keep a bunch of pre-made training treats on hand at all times as well!

Food & Supplements:

We feed our pups a balanced pre-made RAW diet, we suggest Big Country Raw (Breeder Blend). IF you feed decide to feed kibble we recommend FROMM Puppy/Adult Gold dog food. The following are supplements that MUST be added to the RAW diet at does we have specified to you on your pups diet sheet!


For those having a dog shipped to them you must purchase and send the following items to our home and it must arrive at least 1 week prior to the flight. The small crate is for a puppy and larger for an adult dog.

LARGE (Adult Dog)

SMALL (Puppy)


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